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Vanco Properties is a full service real estate marketing firm and property management organization.We offer a complete turn-key management package or a refined financial management program for those situations where self-management is feasible. We specialize in condominium associations, commercial strip centers and various high-rise projects. Our management software is approved by national, state, and several industry organizations.

Real Estate Management is a specialty and requires experience, decision-making and the ability to deliver. The bottom line is results- there is no excuse for poor results. Your agents either deliver or they don’t. The question for most is, “what degree of management do we need?” and then those services are cost-ed out from that point.

We at Vanco Properties take total responsibility for your project. Our attitude is, “It is a privilege┬áto serve you.” and we strive to maintain the highest standards of management in the industry today.

Our Goal as a management agent is to enhance the value for your real estate asset and to provide maximum safety, security and comfort to your home and investment.

Thank you

Ed Van


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